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Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA HDTV Review

Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA HDTV Review

2014-11-22 16:37:25

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Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA HDTV Review

Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA is a great choice HDTV for 2013. After compare price this model at Amazon, Walmart, Sears and Target the price is not different much. Free shipping is must have and customer service is important. However, for customer seeking the best picture quality only, this model will fit the bill. Each TV scored at least a 9 in the Performance subrating, and in the case of a scoring tie, we've ranked them in order of which TV we think delivers a better overall picture.

Buying a budget HDTV no longer means having to settle for skewed colors and subpar image quality, but you will still have to make some sacrifices. With this TV you get solid color quality and a sharp 1080p picture that looks good from all angles, but that’s about it. This no-frills HDTV doesn't offer Internet connectivity or any Web apps, nor does it have 3D capabilities. Its contrast ratio is less than optimal as well. That said, it’s very reasonable price tag will appeal to budget-conscious shoppers.

Given the rapid evolution of the HDTV over the past few years, it's hard to believe that many of us rang in the new century watching bulky, standard-definition tube TVs. Since then, old-school CRTs have made way for slicker, multitalented high-definition sets that can do a lot more than just bring your favorite crime drama or reality show to your living room in HD every week. But with new technologies and a wider array of features, there's a lot more to decide when you're shopping for a new HDTV.

This HDTV will suit almost anyone’s tastes, because it’s both slim and cleanly designed. The picture of the Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA delivers deeper black levels and better contrast than any other LCD or plasma on the market. Unlike other full-array local dimming TVs, it maintains its superior picture from normal viewing angles and blooming artifacts are virtually nonexistent. Color is relatively accurate, shadow detail is excellent and video processing does everything we expect. The screen maintains black levels well under ambient light. No-nonsense styling, best-ever energy efficiency and a nearly-complete feature set, including two pairs of 3D glasses, ice the cake tastefully.

This model produces some of the best pictures ever, with exceedingly deep black levels, highly accurate color, and perfect screen uniformity and off-angle performance. It can get brighter than competing plasmas and performs better in well-lit rooms. Although expensive, it costs much less than comparable LED and especially forthcoming OLED models. Its styling makes it as attractive as any plasma TV I've ever seen.

You won't get a lot of extras with the Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA, but you won't pay a premium price for it either. What you do get is good color performance, relatively wide viewing angles, and a HD picture for around $550. Black levels and peak brightness could certainly be better.

Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA HDTV Review

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Date time. 2014-11-22 16:37:25
  • Latham
  • 2013-11-26 15:39:16
We have had no problems with this tv. compare samsung UN46F8000BFXZA and UN46F7500AFXZA It is just the right size for our small bedroom. Great picture. .
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  • Kayla
  • 2013-11-26 07:37:45
We have been pleased with the definition of this TV. un46f8000bfxza review The color is amazing and clear..
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  • Truman
  • 2013-11-23 13:51:41
I use it for watching tv, playing the two playstation 3, playing the wii, and internet. Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA Review I would recommend this product..
, IP
  • Daniela
  • 2013-11-23 09:32:21
This is a good TV for the money. Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA lowest price It is a large TV so it is only appropriate for a large room. .
, IP
  • Dameon
  • 2013-11-23 09:30:41
I love this tv, very clear. There is a lot of tweaking I had to do to get the picture the way I wanted it but I like it. Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA Review Sound quality is amazing. Only thing I hated was putting the stand together. .
, IP
  • Gabriela
  • 2013-11-23 09:29:11
This is a great TV!! The picture quality is amazing for sports, movies, TV shows, etc. Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA Review I have huge windows with a lot of light coming into the room, but the picture is still great. .
, IP
  • Tenley
  • 2013-11-23 09:23:00
I love it, easy hook-ups. Great veiw, perfect sound Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA Review I love it I'm very happy and satisfied with my 24 in. Just for me.
, IP
  • Sahara
  • 2013-11-23 09:19:11
I would buy this TV again. It has all of the features that I wanted and looks great. Samsung UN46F8000BFXZA Review Delivery was prompt and the TV was easy to set up..
, IP
  • Nakeisha
  • 2013-11-21 13:25:06
Just the right size for a bedroom, or any room for that matter. best priced Samsung TV Model: UN46F8000BFXZA I purchased as a gift and really was impressed with the delivery, quality of the picture and features. Highly recommend .
, IP
  • Baret
  • 2013-10-26 11:35:52
A pretty good bang for the buck samsung Model: UN46F8000BFXZA Primary use for this TV is the bedroom; no complaints! .
, IP
  • Priest
  • 2013-10-26 11:35:36
This is a great TV at a great price. Sharp clear picture, great sound with options for movie, standard, clear voice and music. samsung Model: UN46F8000BFXZA The only thing that would have made it better is if it came with a swivel stand; other than that, it's perfact. .
, IP
  • Dalton
  • 2013-10-26 11:34:18
Great delivery and set up. I looked at a lot of 60 inch TV's, this is the best. samsung Model: UN46F8000BFXZA Great picture, enjoying Netflix connection. Good bargain. .
, IP
  • Oksana
  • 2013-10-20 08:10:03
The husband did the research on this so he deserves the credit for finding it for us un46f8000bfxza review Easy as pie to set up, no complaints. Except perhaps it's yet another reason to not want to get out of bed... .
, IP
  • Van
  • 2013-10-20 02:38:14
This device was a breeze to assemble and setup for cable. un46f8000bfxza review It is vdry lightweight and nice looking. Nice blacks and great color. I would purchase again. .
, IP
  • Michael
  • 2013-10-08 17:07:07
Delivered very quickly, no damage, all appropriate parts in shipment UN46F8000BFXZA Review quick & extremely easy set up, easy to understand menus, excellent picture, and very reasonable price.
, IP
  • Talyn
  • 2013-10-08 17:06:36
4 Stars because of perfect picture quality, Super energy saver. UN46F8000BFXZA Review The price is well worth it. This TV has a headphone jack in actuality although it doesn't say so. It is the back hole at the back. .
, IP
  • Daniel
  • 2013-10-08 17:05:54
Excellent TV for the money; very happy with the product. UN46F8000BFXZA Review Picture is very crisp. I also have a LCD TV and like the picture from this LED better. .
, IP
  • Taft
  • 2013-10-06 07:28:50
Just the right size for a bedroom, or any room for that matter. un46f8000bfxza review I purchased as a gift and really was impressed with the delivery, quality of the picture and features. Highly recommend .
, IP
  • Eaton
  • 2013-10-06 07:28:11
This is a terrific TV for the money. un46f8000bfxza review It is very flimsy and more importantly, not adjustable, but I'm otherwise happy with this TV..
, IP
  • Samira
  • 2013-10-02 13:29:47
The image is very clear and sharp, the TV is light and the sound is really clear. samsung UN46F8000BFXZA If you are looking for a budget TV and you are not into frilly things, this is the device for you. I would buy this again. .
, IP
  • Ryker
  • 2013-10-01 20:06:33
First time ordering a TV online and I am pretty pleased with the experience and the product. samsung un46f8000bfxza review Will be buying a larger size Samsung Smart TV soon! .
, IP
  • Ryland
  • 2013-09-26 20:52:15
I purchased this TV because the price was right, well the TV arrived in 2 days samsung model un46f8000bfxza I would diffently recommend this tv to anybody. .
, IP
  • Nash
  • 2013-09-26 20:50:23
Works great so far. Nice clear picture. Easy set up. samsung model un46f8000bfxza Hopefully it lasts but so far r's a great tv..
, IP
  • Packer
  • 2013-09-26 20:49:55
and this did the job perfectly. It fits my space precisley. samsung model un46f8000bfxza What more can I say - it's a tv. .
, IP
  • Dameon
  • 2013-09-26 20:47:41
We purchased this tv for our bedroom to replace our old one. samsung model un46f8000bfxza Was a little skeptical about the Led, but it has been much better than we expected..
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